Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

  Event Management of opening ceremonies that may be crucial when an event, a conference or a convention lasts for several days an when the event organizers want to gather, address and welcome the whole audience. No ceremony is as cherished at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

  Celebrities perform, often singing songs written especially for the occasion. Preparation for the Opening Ceremony begins weeks before the event, with a traditional torch run around the world. The event is always one of the top rated shows as millions from around the world watch from the comfort of their homes.

   In small towns around the world, local sporting leagues imitate the Olympic ceremony. And when corporations have conventions or annual meetings, opening ceremonies are also held. While they may seem different, there are some key similarities between them.

  All opening ceremonies usually involve some sort of entertainment. For a large corporation, that could include some subtle piano music that plays while presentations are made. For sports ceremonies, there could be marching bands and trained dancers. Celebrity singers may also perform. For sporting events, the athletes may march into the venue, much like the Olympic event. Even if the rest of the meeting is all business, the opening day may be fun.

  In addition to entertainment, most opening ceremonies have a planned agenda. That agenda could include a guest speaker, the unveiling of a new product or product advertisement (if the convention is for a large corporation) or an announcement including some good news. Even opening ceremonies for the small sporting events have a planned agenda with a mix of entertainment and speakers. The agenda is upbeat and fun. Since it takes a lot of time to choose and book speakers, planning for opening ceremonies often begins a year before the actual event.

  Deciding the venue is easy for some opening ceremonies, but some are more challenging. Sports ceremonies are usually held on the playing field which could be in an outdoor stadium if the game is baseball or on ice if the sport is hockey. Sometimes if there are enough participants, the event could be held at a large convention hall near where the games are played. If you are holding the opening ceremony for a convention or annual meeting, you will want to have it in the same place where the rest of the event is being held. Another possibility is to hold it at a fun venue nearby, which ironically can include a stadium or playing field. The possibilities are endless.