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At the event, we take care of each minute detail behind the curtain so that you can soak within the elegance of the day, dangle out with your households & pals and quite truly have the time of your lives. We promise to make your marriagefunctions a unique and stylish affair so the wedding stays etched for your reminiscence for all time! We have got created memories in venues all throughout Chennai & the Coimbatore.So, we are well known for top unique wedding planners. Glam Royal do everything for you, designing and building your wedding based on your style and their team’s inventive imagination. Together they will collaborate with you to create a stylish unique wedding affair that is true to your personality!


Glam Royal is a way of life. Role yourself for success and begin crushing your lifestyles desires. We have got day by day planners and weekly planners geared closer to parents, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, sales experts, health fanatics, and pretty tons everybody who wants to get his or her lifestyles in order. Puncutalls are the best event venue to arrange huge and professional meetings and seminars. While making plans an event to include a medium to huge range of attendees, a convention center offers a first rate desire. Glam Royal provides Puncutalls as per Your Wish. We are here for plan your official meets. Pairing refined beauty with careful design so one can complement your fashion, Glam Royal will exchange your life!

Wedding Hall

When it comes to wedding making plans, choosing the precise wedding venue is through far one of the most crucial things you want to determine in advance. After all, you don’t need to be caught with a venue that you are not satisfied with, just because the place you really want is not to be had to your wedding day. The wedding venue and location making a decision on is not only counted of convenience but also what fits the type of wedding you have in thoughts.

Secondly, in compliance with the theme and wedding fashion, you will need to pick a venue that units the right ambience. You’ll want to think about whether you need to have an afternoon or a night occasion, a proper wedding ceremony reception or an informal pre-wedding ceremony party, an indoor or an outside wedding ceremony. Don't forget extraordinary venue options like palaces, gardens, Hotels, ballrooms; luxurious inns and so on. To locate one which suits the ambience and subject you are aiming for.

The wedding planners will source and endorse places and marriage venues on your marriage ceremony activities primarily based for your imaginative and prescient and wedding ceremony price range – from the traditional to the out of the regular. We will assist you pick and finalize wedding venues in Chennai, Coimbatore, Dharmapuri and lots of other wedding destinations in India and across the world. With Glam Royal, finding a marriage venue turns into easy, with numerous options ranging from wedding and reception venues to locations for seashore or royal palace weddings.